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The conceptualization of “Danspire” happened in the mid 2000s and its breath and development led to the founding of Danspire International in 2009. “Danspire” is made up of the words “Dans” (Dutch for dance) and “spire” (the essence of inspire and aspire).
Danspire is a way of living. Through the act of dancing and participating in life’s movement, one gets an abundance of inspiration; gearing him/herself towards excellence and enlightenment through education and evolution.
As one defines and redefines his purpose in the dance of life… … Danspire manifests.


In this special Dalí-inspired movement workshop led by Danspire founder Vincent Yong, participants got to explore the relationship between art and science with their bodies. The Dance with Dalí Workshop was one of the activities and programs that revolve around Dalí: Mind of a Genius -- The Exhibition, held at ArtScience Museum in 2011.

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Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Pedagogy/Andragogy tools from over 10 years of teaching as well as international experience with involvement in peak mental-physical and soulful performances, you will actualize dreams and experience success.

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