Somatic Movement Wellness

Somatic movement wellness cultivates awareness and control of the physical, mental and emotional domains while rekindling the spirit that makes every moment of your life… moving. Having health is MOVING. With health, you are able to touch others as well as be touched by the beautiful people and miracles in life.

Learning about movement inside and outside your body, you begin to appreciate and attend to the body’s functions and the things that flow around you. Learning to move, you begin to maximise enjoyable experiences through heightened sensitivity and minimising unpleasurable ones that limit you.  As you practice to move better, circulation and flow within the body improves. This is the first step to health. As you move amongst people and in life, your awareness of your body in relationship to others and to the environment, promotes the ease of navigation and enhances harmony in relationships.

Enhance your health by attending to your body and how it is moving; inside and out. Let this decision in nurturing your Somatic Movement Wellness be the spark that blazes your pursuit of passion. Participate in the Danspire experience through classes, courses and trainings to enjoy relief, release and rejuvenation. Free your body, mind and heart.

There are 3 modes of engagement: Online, Onsite (your location) and On-our-grounds (our designated locations).

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Movement Therapy

1. Somatic Stretch (SS)

Taking a body-mind approach to relieving stress and pain, Somatic Stretch helps you feel, move and think better by overcoming mental limitations and muscular tightness. You will learn how to pair breath and movement to reduce tension in your body to become more productive and free.


2. Somatic Core Control (SCC)

If injury prevention, power harnessing and body flow are what you seek, SCC gets you there by cultivating movement awareness, tension release and building connective tissue health. When you align more than just muscles and bones, you do worry about not having core strength because core connection comes to you as you move – naturally.


3. Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF)

Not everything that can be measured counts but in BF the goal is to make every movement count. Move with purpose. Make the connection. Rediscover your ability to shift your body, and then … the world. Awaken your body, mind and soul through better connectivity.


4. Somatic Ballet (SB)

Balance, accurate muscular activation and grace through composure is achieve through this reconstructed ballet training meant for non-professionals. This is a class that will profoundly change the way you experience your own grace and poise. You are worthy and deserving of it!


5. Movement Meditation (MM)

“Mindfulness” remains as a concept if it is not experienced. Re-thinking meditation as just a quiet process of sitting still, you are self-awakened when you become attentive to why you move in a particular manner. You begin to see your thoughts translating into actions and learn to be present to the why(s) and how(s) of your own movement.


6. Breathing Techniques (BT)

Applying the Laban Movement System of SPACE, you will wake up to a new body every day as you tune into a liberating way of life by breathing fully without exertion. Learn about the 3D space that exists inside and outside of your body. Space maintains all relationships; just like the space between the words and letters you are reading. Learn to breathe and get more of life even as you are asleep.

Spherical Breathing.

Honey Pie Productions is exploring a collaboration with a very talented and hardworking artiste, Vincent Vy. Stay tuned.

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1. Broadway Jazz (Beginners)

Bringing the stage to class, you will learn about performance, showmanship and sassy moves that will dazzle yourself and your mates. Engage in techniques of Luigi, Mattox, Fosse, et al. and discover confidence that is already living in you. Broadway Jazz is your key to open your own to possibilities.


2. Flow Essentials (FE)

An embodied practice of the self-help book, FLOW – The Art of Creating AbunDance, FE was born and first taught in renowned dance studio in New York City, Peridance Capezio Dance Center. Experience your “tender strength” and nurture the essentials of movement flow in your mind (thoughts) and body (actions). Wisdom is awaiting in AbunDance for you.


3. Re-Move Cancer: MFL® Dance Exercise

Designed by Dr Martha Eddy and taught by trained cancer exercise specialist, MFL (Moving For Life) is a workout for all besides the cancer survivors. Integrating physiology and dance science, complement your other self-care methods with MFL to get your dose of cardiovascular and strength training which are vital in keeping cancer at bay says science and doctor!



1. Somatic TRX® Suspension Training

Adopted by US Navy SEAL Marines, TRX training is done with an added advantage. The somatic advantage makes certainty and promptness your aim besides just mindless repetitions and sets. This is a total body workout that is suited for the corporate warriors, athletes and also performing professionals.


2. Dance HIIT

Using dance exercises and integrating with high-intensity-interval-training, this workout focus on saving time yet having a body workout that yields the same benefits of re-energizing and calorie burning benefits. If you are seeking to sculpt, refine and have better image, Dance HIIT is for you.


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Here’s what some of our students say:

“Knees are softer, shoulders not so tensed and my knees joints are softer. THIS IS SIMPLY AMAZING!”

Cheryl Chew

Aikido Teacher

“You’re a gifted trainer and teacher, it’s crazy.”

Cerise Tean

Trade Support Analyst, Barclays Bank

“It’s the missing link between traditional rehab and exercise.”

Tan Kai Chin

Physical Education Teacher, Ministry of Education