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Danspire engages with current and future leaders of businesses, media, health and performance. Concerned with collaboration and support, Danspire is experienced in talks, trainings, presentations, somatic therapy etc. Working to enhance and enrich lives in a community-based learning and growth, Danspire also ensures a personal discovery with an embodied or kinaesthetic approach. Moving all towards a meaningful  life while improving the quality of life, the Danspire experience is known to to connect people and oneself deeply. This is why it is able to achieve a brand scope of audience because, the Danspire inspiration comes to all in little and big ways.

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What they say:

“I was really very impressed.”

Dr Ralph Shapiro

Nutrition Expert and Scientist

“Inspiring and awesome. Totally love your classes.”

Lyn Lee

Legal Counsel

“I experienced a new me with Danspire.”

Brixton Jeou

CEO, PropelOrthoSingapore

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For matters of corporate or personal Health, Intelligence and Mastery…

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Be moving; be moved.
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