There is a social circle around us. From those we love to strangers we encounter daily, our degree of effect and affect varies in strength. Our bodies (soma) can influence or be influenced just because we exist. Therefore, to understand the soma-social effects and affects of our existence can greatly define our purpose of existing as well as foster deeper connections through the clarity of communication.


Workshops and movement experiences such as those below can help you to connect, communicate and coordinate with the people around you so that you navigate in life with a greater ease.


  1. Couple Intimacy

The ability to connect deeply has a rippling effect in our lives. Enhancing communication through a moving experience can transcend any couple in a relationship. Intimacy is without a doubt beyond the physical realm. Make contact to experience intimacy like never before.


  1. Parent-Child Rapport

Rapport can be built through sitting down and talking to your young children but memories can be created when you include the non-verbal experience into the equation. Through movement and dance, create a cohesion that will have them tell you how wonderful it was to have you dance with them when they are all grown up and making adult decisions. Moments are taken to build memories. Have you taken yours?


  1. Missions and Charity

According to Abraham Maslow what’s higher than self-actualization is self-transcendence. Contributing time and/or money can secrete your happy hormone as well as create meaning and a sense of purpose. Power is felt to those who contribute. Contact us to see how you can help with a purpose.



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