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As Einstein said that education is not the learning of facts but training the mind to think. And in thinking, students learn to choose and differentiate between what is responsible, useful and can inspire others in the process of an action. Dance and movement led by an experienced dance educator who has over 15years in dance and movement education will lead your students towards the path of discovery, growth and evolution.

  1. Dance Arts and Science

Through the learning of dance (different genres) and movement, students will learn the how the arts and science is actually integrated and complements each other. The ability to associate widely is the proof of intelligence. So let your students participate in this journey of multiple connections through their minds and bodies.

  1. Character and Value Education

There is virtue in moving artistically. As one moves, one experiences his/her own strengths and limitations. In the pursuit to expand the spectrum of movement vocabulary, the process will build character and elicit values to integrate the being while achieving the goal. Let your students grow to become socially responsible and useful adults. Allow them to inspire the next generation.

  1. Dance Poetry

When movement and words combine in artistry, creativity is inspired. Boundaries are erased, cultures can be bridged and empathy ensues. Students deserve to be poetic and dynamic in their lives.


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