Vincent Yong

Founder & Director: Vincent Yong

Vincent Yong is an award-winning speaker, consultant and movement analyst. He was the first Singaporean to be certified as movement analyst by the New York Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) and a registered somatic movement educator and therapist (RSME&T) by the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA).

Vincent was also the first Singaporean graduate from the prestigious CODARTS University for the Arts, Rotterdam Dance Academy, in The Netherlands. Back in Singapore when he had his first dance education in LASALLE College of the Arts, after his 2-years education in Engineering and no prior background in dance, he graduated from his faculty of Dance as the Most Outstanding Student and was elected by the board of directors to be the top graduate. He was conferred the SIA Award of Excellence in the Arts. He was also the 2005 SHELL-NAC Scholar.

Having taught, choreographed and performed on international stages for over 15 years, he has now broadened his idea of stage beyond the proscenium and began communicating the benefits of dance and movement by facilitating transcendental somatic experiences for social, therapeutic and transformational purposes connecting with businesses, schools and the fitness industries.

Being born with a congenital heart problem and being told by doctors he could not partake in strenuous activities did not stop Vincent to go forth in making some of the most inspiring transformations right up to this day. To date, he is a certified instructor in Moving For Life®, cancer recovery work and BodyMind Dancing® by Dr Martha Eddy. He also holds certifications in Zena-Rommette Floor-barre® and TRX® Suspension Training. He is a Master Neuro-linguistic Programming® and Time Line Therapy® practitioner accredited by the American Board of Neuro-linguistic Programming® (ABNLP) and the Time Line Therapy® Association (TLTA).

Currently, he is assisting at the LIMS as teaching assistant and residing in New York. He looks forward to be of help to those in need to move, think and feel free.

Defining Danspire:

The conceptualization of “Danspire” happened in the mid 2000s and its breath and development led to the founding of Danspire International in 2009. “Danspire” is made up of the words “Dans” (Dutch for dance) and “spire” (the essence of inspire and aspire).

Danspire is a way of living. Through the act of dancing and participating in life’s movement, one gets an abundance of inspiration; gearing him/herself towards excellence and enlightenment through education and evolution.

As one defines and redefines his purpose in the dance of life… …  Danspire manifests.