1. comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity.

“she played with some mastery”

1. Complete control of the act by the performer towards an outcome.

3. An effort that requires of him/herself to be relaxed and responsive.

Do you see a common thing that threads all these performers?


YES! They are all fully aware. Fully mindful. They are present and their presence is captivating.


When the human uses his or her body to create magnificent feats of art and inspiring performances, movement becomes moving! The body then is seen as the source where touching experiences are created from. A body that is condensing, expanding, vibrating with rhythms and dancing with the harmonious flow can tap profoundly into us and inspire us. Every creative and critical decision made in every moment dramatically affects the entire act. One’s mastery is seen in the presence and his/her level of awareness.


You can create this too for yourself by having a coach that is experienced with the helping you master the most important element: YOURSELF. Self-mastery is the ultimate mastery. Learn how to access your body and discover the language that will help you to quickly awaken your potential.


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