Health is the state of being free from illnesses and injuries. It is about being well and adopting a positive mindset while having the resilience to withstand and overcome invading elements that will disrupt our balance. Health is constituted by 4 domains:

1. Physical Health


2. Mental Health


3. Emotional Health


4. Spiritual Health


A living person cannot separate him/herself from any of the 4 domains. They are interlinked and intertwined. 


The domains depend on one another to help with the functioning and expressivity of a person.   Within a person, there is an “outer” world (physical & tangible) and an “inner” (non-physical & intangible) world. The outer world is represented by the body and environment and the inner world is represented by the emotional and mental world. The spiritual world is a combination of the inner and outer and is physicalized by the body while in action and existence. All intangible thoughts and emotions are eventually manifested in the physical body or world.


The inner affects the outer world just as much as the outer influences the inner.


Inside Out; Outside In

(Outer reflects Inner.)

Health is affected when:

i. The 4 domains are not in harmony

ii. There is an imbalance between inner world and outer one.

Whether inner or outer, these 2 worlds of a person can only be accessed through the presence of the physical body and its movements. Likewise, the 4 domains are observed and studied through the same channels (body and movement).


Hence, the body is the only access to what we need to know about our health. 


Our movement (behaviour) and its quality reveal the state of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. Movement, however subtle, also exhibits our intentions. Through the study of movement, we understand how to better use our body as well as to change it accordingly to reflect what we wish to express. As much as our inner state of health affects the outer, we can impact the inner one positively through the outer and accessible body by engaging in activities that will transform the inner world. Movement can change the way we feel about ourselves. It can lead us to respond better and more appropriately with awareness and training.


To maintain health or to prevent the loss of it sans medicine or invasive procedures, the awakening of one’s awareness as well as control (not just the restraining but also release) of the body and its movement long before illnesses pay a visit is vital.   Awakening the awareness and conditioning the control will lead to the improvement of our sensitivity and response. As our critical and creative decision-making processes become instinctively refined, we gain the acuity to react timely, accordingly and accurately. Hence, acquiring and refining the language that enhances health is critical to health.   This language can be learned through the practice and engagement of Somatic Movement Wellness.


Somatic Movement Wellness covers the learning of the multitude of connections within and outside of the body for health. We learn how to have the language to connect and to refine it for quicker and more accurate entry. The programs of Somatic Movement Wellness include education, therapy and practice proper of the body. Regular practice and daily self-care are essential for health. The somatic programs/courses/classes are taught and conducted by internationally trained, registered and certified therapists/coaches/trainers.


In Somatic Movement, the main work is in moving the body for easier 1) breathing. By learning how to activate our voluntary responses (muscles) to access the involuntary responses (organic) of the body, we increase our degree and level of control of our bodies. Because breath is the essence of life, it is fundamental to improve the quality of our breath.


Next, in learning how to access our 2) developmental movement patterns, we awaken our body connectivity. A connected body promotes coordination as well as improve cognition. A coordinated body is indicative that we are enhancing anatomical and physiological support for we cannot move with ease unless we are organized and grounded well within. As this happens, we allow harmonious internal flow within and without. We thus move forth with certainty and confidence because we are able to navigate the environment with greater effectiveness, efficiency and economy. In fact, we give birth to our expressivity again!


Finally, in learning to connect our bodies, we connect with our brains through the process of the neurophysiological relationship. We learn how to make better choices in maximising positive experiences and minimising negative ones through 3) decision-making processes that are both creative and critical.


As the old adage says, “Prevention is better than cure”. Start your practice by being aware of what to do before something undesired happens and also learn how to move your body out of unwanted situations or mind-frames when the time requires you to do so.


Life is about making constructive, empowering and productive choices so start yours now by learning more about Somatic Movement Wellness to improve your health.


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