Embodied Learning

The aims of all training is to apply the knowledge or skills gained through the process of learning. Good training teaches one to naturally allow the skills or knowledge to be applied instinctively and appropriately. More than memorising notes or attending lectures that put one to sleep, Embodied Learning etches information and skills through creating more neuropathways and physicalising the acquired intelligence. According to Antonio Damasio, neuroscientist, decisions are affected by emotions. (Click here.) Therefore, it is vital that for any change to happen especially in learning and training, we have to connect the emotions to the task at hand. Anchoring the emotional state into the decision-making process through embodiment connects the body, mind, heart and spirit congruently. The better the body, mind, heart and spirit correlate, the more harmonious the journey is. (For research study, click here.) This is why health is crucial to making decisions.



Embodied Learning is learning through the body that allows one to retrieve information or skills that have congruent emotions attached. It is making natural the optimal response required for the tasks or challenges at hand. Allowing a person to have both creative and critical thinking processes combined and embedded during the learning, they re-pattern their neuromuscular pathways so that reaction is instinctive in real-time.  

*Embodied Learning is NOT making what is learned a second-nature. It is acquiring intelligence naturally and organically by experiencing the lesson.


No more boring lectures or stacks of notes to read. Simply allow the “human technology” (mind, body spirit) to work for you in harmony.


Embodied Programs

1. Embodied Leadership

When leadership requires more than just skills, EL can offer perspectives of the types of followers that makes a leader sensitive and intuitive to the requirement of effective leading. Experience leadership beyond theory and authority and inspire a fellowship that brings more efficiency and productivity. Be ready to transform any environment, situation and people you are tasked to lead.

i) Self-leadership: Where one understands what is critical while relating oneself to the situation and space.

ii) Servant-leadership: Where one serves with commitment and dedicates him/herself to a mission, vision and purpose.

iii) Team-leadership: Where one is focussed on the hearts and minds of the team to move towards a goal together.
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2. Embodied Decision-making

When you understand decision-making is beyond just logic, you would want to know how emotions and other sensations of the body affects your the decisions you make especially when they are critical. Embodied Decision-making is an experience crafted specifically to enlighten you towards your patterns of thoughts and actions. You will also train for a more constructive and instinctual responses that are organic.


3. Embodied Teamwork/Partnership

(T)together (E)everyone (A)chieves (M)ore is a concept that motivates teamwork intellectually. Until experienced, a concept remains…a concept. Team building does not equate teamwork. Backed by cognitive and movement science, Embodied Teamwork/Partnership give you the experience of how you actually collaborate and coordinate as a team. The team movement is analysed and broken-down for easy understanding. With this learning, teamwork is enhanced through a reconstruction of a team decision and action where the software (telepathy) is enhanced in the hardware (team).


4. Embodied Conflict-Resolution

Embodied Conflict-Resolution is an experience of problem-solving that is both cooperative and collaborative. The resolution process is initiated through an assessment of the belief that the conflict can be resolved. Going through a diplomatic process of re-thinking, re-moving, re-choosing and re-wanting, each party will work towards an outcome that sustains the relationship. The process culminates to an appreciation and celebration of the collaborative and cooperative efforts.


5. Embodied Diplomacy

When the assertion of an opinion or an idea demands of you to make a point without making an enemy, you hone the art of diplomacy. Interpersonal as well as the intrapersonal relationships affects the outcome of any assertion. If you can embody this art, you do not need to read about it because it is already in you; like they say “in your veins”.


6. Embodied Parenting

Parenting is best understood first from a child’s perspective where the freedom to explore, experiment and discover oneself in relation to the world forms the personality in a combination of nature and nurture. After this, the integration with the adult’s learned skills for survival is crucial to provide the framework so as to observe social rules and laws. What is vital and important to the proper growth of a child is for parents to NOT pass on their limitations and fears of their own to their own children.

7. Embodied Innovation

Innovation is the act of re-creating existing models through a refinement of processes. Whether these models are products, processes or services, innovation has to be concerned with how one thinks and set that system of thinking into a reality. Applying the discipline of art and movement patterns studies, Embodied Innovation brings you a different experience that is uncommon to spike creative juices to re-create. When disruptions to the old ways of thinking and behaving are introduced, new pathways in the brain are awakened and new connections are formed. You gain new experiences and learning has happened.

8. Embodied Empathy

In a world, where most are self-absorbed, self-centred and self-serving, we often become blind to the people-focus, people-loving and people-support. A world where we can be as free yet as connected as the starlings murmurations, we awaken and uncover our ability to empathise with another without losing ourselves or others. (Watch this.) Experience empathy naturally with your body and others with this masterful experience.


9. Embodied Rapport and Service

Everyone wants to connect but not many understanding the fundamentals of deep connections. Building the fundamentals through an undeniable experience of connection, bridging and synchronicity, rapport transforms from wish to actuality in situations that require authentic connection and sustainability. When service is the goal and the retaining of your clients are key to your business, you cannot do without rapport with your clients or customers. Learn how to enhance rapport and better your service with this interesting experience that top real-estate agents are saying yes to.


10. Embodied Intimacy

Intimacy is not about getting physical with your partner or those you treasure and cherish. It is the ability to sense, know, feel and connect with another sometimes without words. It is the ability to open up one’s heart and soul and bridge two persons together where courage and care to refine communication precedes one’s ego or wishes that may benefit only one. If breadth and depth of intimacy is your goal, you have to embody the quintessential ingredients verbal and non-verbal communication.


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