Danspire International designs programmes, creates congruent thought-action systems and facilitates experiences that transform and inspire positive changes to the organizing of self and corporate entities or institutes.


Combining the science and art of perception and response, the Danspire experience endeavours to train and educate the “fundamental element” (people-person) of societies and organizations focusing on
1) How the mind, body and heart is applied to work, life and relationships,
2) Why we do what we do,
3) What we can do differently and positively to benefit self AND others.


Integrating movement psychology, performance pedagogy, coaching methodologies, engineering, physiology, anatomy, kinesiology, and somatic arts, this cross-disciplinary approach expands perspectives to allow better decision-making, problem-solving and innovation.


Always ready to consult with businesses, leaders and authorities, Danspire International exists to allow the space and time for health, intelligence and personal mastery for people Singapore and the rest of the world to awaken their compassion and empathy through global consciousness and exemplary 21st Century communication skills.


Speaking engagements, workshops, seminars and training are available and can be customised for specific goals and objectives.


Feel free to inquire and ask how training programmes can be customized for you today.

Find out more AND ask for a presentation. Email to danspireflow@gmail.com now.